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One of the manufacturing industries whose demand has continued to increase significantly across the world is the car manufacturing industry. The demand for car is high and in continuing to grow everyday as the number of customers is doubling each day. As a result of this, we are giving you an opportunity to join our social agents all over the world into this lucrative sector.

We are targeting agents in the car brokers sector who really know how to generate leads from any part of the world because we do everything over the internet. We started with Chinese social agents but we have expanded to international level because most of the companies we have affiliated with offer international products and services. Therefore, this is a great opportunity for you regardless of where you live or what you do.
There are several benefits that you will be entitled to for being a car broker agent at Some of these include the following:

• You will be among the first persons to be notified of new car broker and importer representative opportunities once we receive requests from our affiliated car manufacturing companies
• You will be connected with some of the best car manufacturing and selling companies in the world; both local and foreign companies. This will definitely increase your chances of getting a long lasting sales representative job or lead generation opportunity and make good money
• You will have the freedom to target customers who want to buy cars from any part of the world. since it is an international job, the target market is international too
• You will be the first person to introduce new cars and car products to your customers. Thus, if the company you are working for has new cars, you will be among the first social agents to show them to your customers
• You are the one to determine the amount of money you will earn because it will depend entirely on the sales lead you generate. The more sales lead you generate the more you earn

Signing up to become one of our international social agents is very simple and straightforward. The sign up process is by a click of bottoms. You can get more information on the sign up procedure by clicking on It is free to join and leave us. If you become part of our membership and you decide to leave after sometime, you can do so at any time of your choice. Being part of our international car broker and importer is purely an independent decision.

We value the personal information of our international social agents and we will never share any information with a third party without your consent. Our privacy policy is well stated and is meant to guarantee you total privacy and safety.

It is also important to note that there are no educational requirements for joining our international car broker and importer team. Therefore, joining us is free for everyone who is willing and has the ability to communicate effectively with his/her customers. We guarantee to connect you with some of the top car manufacturers and distributors in the world. Join us at and become part of our international car broker and importer team.

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