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One sales representative
Target daily outreach: 10
Target monthly leads: 5

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Two sales representatives
Target daily outreach: 25
Target monthly leads: 12

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Three sales representatives
Target daily outreach: 45
Target monthly leads: 20

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What People Are Saying

“They understood the limitations that we had as a start up, yet I still felt that they went out of their way to provide us with an professional service. I would have no hesitations in recommending Social Agent.”Expander Limited
“Working with Social Agent has been fun as well as profitable! I’ve had a few new gigs now, from real estate to education, meet new people from around the world – and work anywhere! I highly recommend new agents to give it a try”Renne Koo

Common Questions

How many independent sales representative contacts will I receive from using your site?

It varies. Our service will get you in front of your target number of independent sales reps. After that, the actual level of interest that your product generates is ultimately determined by the marketability of your product and the expected market demand for your product.

What do I do once Social Agent finds me these leads?

This is where it’s up to you and your team to reach out to them. Preferably on the social media channel it was found, since that’s where we found ‘em, but you can also find their website, email, or even give them a phone call. If you need or want a social agent, please contact us and we can refer you to a talent agency.

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