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Are you a social media influencer?

Someone who loves creating content and connecting with their audience in a niche? 

As the world moves more and more to listening to thought leaders and influencers instead of large corporations and advertisers - you as a trusted influencer become more and more important. 

At Social Agent, we have agents “we call them connectors” who scour the web looking for suitable influencers for businesses in our network to collaborate with.

We know that some brands and individuals are contacting you - and you are not sure who they are or what you should do with them - but we hope that you can rest assured - Social Agent’s connectors (agents) are vetted and you can feel comfortable talking to them.

If we have a campaign we are working on, we will have a page here on Social Agent website that the agent / connector can link to. This will help verify their intentions, and make sure you know if you need to - you can contact our internal team at Social Agent.

contact our internal team at Social Agent

Interested to be a Social Agent?

If you’re interested to learn how to be a “Social Agent” yourself - please reach out! 

Otherwise, keep on being awesome - we respect influencers as we know how much work and time it takes to make quality content and build a valuable and engaged audience and community.


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