How It Works

Businesses use Social Agent to enable “Social agents” (sales representatives) to find quality sales leads for their lead funnel. Get Started Now

Step 1: List My Sales Job (It’s Free)

Interested in building new sales leads from outside sales reps? List your sales and marketing job for our network of sales agents (“social agents”) to view, apply, and contact you for more information.;

Introduce Your Product / Service to sales professionals
Explain What Customers You Want
Define what a sales lead is (engaged email, phone, sales meeting, paying customer)

Step 2: Receive Sales Agent Applications

After your sales job has been posted, sales agents will submit their applications connected with the Social Agent profile. They will submit notes and feedback of what they think that they can do to build sales leads. Some may have market budget requests, others event ideas. You can hire more than 1 agent, as long as you have enough leads (budget) in the job for multiple agents to work on. In their application, the agents will submit:

How Many Prospects, leads, and potential customers they can find
Their location, ability to visit companies, full or part time availability.
A hand-written letter expressing their interest and/or questions.

Step 3: Hire My Agent(s) & Deposit Funds

Once you have made your choice of which agents you would like to authorize to find sales leads for you, confirm their start by making a deposit of the funds to the social agent platform. Don’t worry we wont release the funds until the leads have been delivered, and you can request a refund of unused funds at any time.

Step 4: Manage and Measure My Agents

Once you are ready to hire a sales agent, simply pay the deposit to Social Agent’s account to be held as escrow. How to know these agents are working, or being effective? We understand this issue, and help you measure the agents work with such KPI (key performance indicators) such as:

How Many Prospects the Agent has engaged with
New Sales Leads Alerts
Notes and constructive feedback about your product / service

Step 5: Release Payment to My Social Sales Agents

Once You and your sales agent(s) have started working well together, and sales leads are coming in, payment will be released to the Social sales agents. Payment is settled on a monthly basis to the sales agents, and any discrepancies or issues, Social Agent platform is here to help settle disputes!

Pay Social Agent in your home country’s currency
Payment is only released when work is complete – sales agents receive their local currency, simple and easily for them