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    Here is a small sample of the jobs and agents:

    Sale agent

    Est. Per Lead Cost: US$ 10.00

    Need sale agent for high end Italian leather bag.

    Sales for USB Flash Drives and Memory Cards

    Est. Per Lead Cost: US$ 0.00Commission: 5%

    This job is to find and close deals with brands who are interested in USB 3.0 and Memory Cards 3.0 for their brands, our customer portfolio counts with customers like Pioneer which have own brand but don't have their own factory, [...]

    Sales agent for amazing football players dolls

    Est. Per Lead Cost: US$ 10.00Commission: 5%

    BubuzZ  develops, designs, and manufacture unique human-shaped figures/dolls. Our products are unique, innovative and different from any other figures/dolls in terms of material combination (Soft plastic head and stuffed body). We focus mainly on sports stars; specifically on football superstars. [...]

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    Sam Luo

    I am Sam Luo.I have 3-year working experience and specialized in sales,product marketing and business development.Also, I am a quick learner and...


    Christy Luo

    05/2013-now help IL VITTORIOSO wine company to sale red wines.(part-time) 06/2007-09/2007 work as Shenzhen FuYuan school as student advisor (intern) 06/2005-08/2005 ...

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    Isadora Bell

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  • Some Industries We Work With

    Real Estate


    As Chinese look to invest overseas, they first look at hard assets such as real estate. We’ve been successfully working with realtors in finding Chinese real estate agents for our business clients. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, international purchases of homes in the U.S. have surged 24 percent since 2011. Chinese make up about 11 percent of international transactions in the U.S., and mostly target areas in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Social Agent helps overseas real estate agents find Chinese agents & buyers

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    Chinese customers love foreign brands! Especially in consumables such as baby milk, wines, and other exotic goods not found in China.Chinese parents have huge demand for baby milk powder. It is a common sense that foreign milk powder is more reliable. You may see the news ‘Chinese tourists clearing Australian shelves of baby milk powders’ and ‘Chinese demand for baby milk causes ‘ration’ in UK’. HongKong even limits milk powder purchase because mainland Chinese parents buy too much.

    More on Imports



    Parents invest heavily in education for their children, as well as their own career development. Social Agent works closely with universities, placement consultants, and training companies to find students and their parents who are concerned about the future. National Trade Fairs – Nearly 400 schools and institutes gathered in Beijing for the 2013 China International Education Exhibition Tour. The group included universities, high schools and vocational schools. Educational Trade Fairs – Nearly 400 schools and institutes gathered in Beijing for the 2013 China International Education Exhibition Tour. The group included universities, high schools and vocational schools.

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