Social Introductions & Referrals Simplified


Social Agent Connect helps influencers strengthen their networks by making it easy to connect people, follow up, and receive feedback from referrals.

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Add value to your network

Make meaningful business referrals that add value to your network.

Introduce via E-mail or SMS

Introduce contacts swiftly & easily using our in-app email and SMS tools.

Track Your Referral History

Track all your in-app introductions quickly and conveniently.

Integrate Your Mobile Contacts

Integrate your mobile phone’s contact list automatically upon installation.

Make Social Introductions & Referrals

Strengthen your network and become a social influencer by quickly making business referrals and introductions to your existing list of contacts.

Send introductions by Email or Text Message


Effortlessly send business introductions directly through the app using email and SMS. All of these introductions are then saved to the app for easy tracking.


Track your introductions


Track you introductions by simply tapping a contact’s name and the history button to see all the business referrals you made to that specific connection.

Integrates with Your Contacts


Automatically integrate your mobile phone’s contact list after installing the app. And new contacts added to the app are automatically added to your smartphone’s address book.