Michael Michelini

Co-Founder, CEO -5 years experience in China doing e-commerce, SEO, social media consulting, 8 years experience in E-commerce, SEO, social media, MS Technology Management, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, NJ

American social media & e-commerce specialist, has been in China since late 2007, originally to source products for his e-commerce business – but has transformed into working with American companies market entry into China, as well as assisting Chinese entrepreneurs reach their goals & take chances to build their own business. He is passionate to bridge Chinese and Western businesses both in e-commerce and now social media.

Dan Sont

CTO – Dan came over to Asia from his land of Ottawa, Canada bringing with him over 5 years experience as a Full Stack Web Application Developer at various companies across the world.

Jimmy Kwan

PHP Developer – Jimmy is a consistent web developer, having worked in corporate as well as freelancer positions he has a breadth of experience in web projects. Passionate for big data development, and based in Singapore, Jimmy is a great asset for the Social Agent team.

Board of Advisors

Steve Forte

American Technical Advisor

Based in Hong Kong. Board Member at Scrum Alliance, Chief Strategy Officer at Telerik

Boyd Jones

American VC bridging USA and China,

Venture Partner at Co-Power Venture Capital Co., Ltd.

Partner at iTech Holdings Limited, Venture Partner at Tangrong Investment Co., Ltd.

Gillian Muessig

Founding President at SEOmoz, Inc.

Board Member at Companies in 4 Continents

Xing Gao

Gao Xing is a UPENN graduate and Oxford MBA who came back to China to work with top notch Strategic consulting firms. He is the brains behind many of the China business related deals.

Chris Li

Co-Founder, Technical Advisor – Chris has worked with Fast 50 Tech startups, governments, and some of the most dynamic companies to emerge from Vancouver in the past decade. He bridges the chasm between idea and solution with his passion for design and front-end coding. Previously Chris ran Lotus Creations and has over 11 years in web development.

Chris holds a B.S. in Business Administration and Psychology from Simon Fraser University. With the fast pace of the web, the majority of his skills are now self-taught.

Doug Pierce

Co-Founder, Marketing Advisor

Doug has written about Weibo for Wedbush Securities and the UK’s Chartered Institute of Public Relations. He previously co-founded Digital Due Diligence, where he helped investors, venture-backed companies, and a US Senate Commerce Committee investigation evaluate online business models, and was a marketing strategist for Blue Fountain Media in New York City. He’s been called an expert in online search by The New York Times.

Doug holds a B.S. in Information Systems with a minor in Chinese from San Diego State University.

Chris Chidgey

App Store Marketer & Product Manager – Founder of a mobile apps publishing company and a mobile apps services company, Author of “The Mobile Apps Fastlane”, Co-founder of a Mobile Apps weekly podcast series and a Mobile Apps Publishers community, forum and mastermind. Chris holds a BS in Marketing from CSU, Chico and an International MBA from the University of San Diego.

Deverick McIntyre

Mentor at Chinaccelerator

CEO & Founder at Taidal Media Limited