Target Client Profile
– Explain What Customers You Want
– Demographics
– Target Keywords
Connect your social media account (optional)
– Sina Weibo
– Tencent Weibo, QQ
– Wechat

Assign Chinese sales representative(s) to your account

Sales agents hunt for sales leads inside Chinese social media

Your Chinese sales assistants sends you a report of new leads interested in your product or service

Agents deliver you:
– Phone numbers
– Emails
– Meetings


Cut through the noise

The biggest challenge with using social media – especially in China – is getting through all the noise to identify qualified prospects.

We proactively find new leads for you based on your criteria.

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Track and manage all your contacts

Get the insights you need to engage with contacts who are still at the top of the funnel and doing research for difference solutions or customers who are unhappy with the solutions of your competitors.

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Convert leads into sales

Picture your sales pipeline filled with qualified leads – all of whom you know by name and have personally interacted with you. Social Agent tracks, manages, and builds your relationships on Chinese social media. You convert more leads with less work.

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Measure your ROI

Understanding social media for your business is essential in today’s business landscape.

Social Agent’s results driven tool will ensure your investment dollars in social media will be a positive return on investment and brand building.

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